Take Care & Commit No Nuisance

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Take Care & Commit No Nuisance

If you’re preparing to travel back in time or simply want to see who lived here in the past, TTGs will be your guide. You can wander around the map or explore the data on the website from home, but if you do decide to visit Shrewsbury in person then please make sure that you stay safe.

Take care if you’re using the website as you explore the town. Shrewsbury has a lot of cobbled streets and intriguing alleyways, so watch your step and keep an eye out for traffic.

Remember that people live and work here, no matter what time period you’re visiting in. Respect people’s privacy and try not to cause a nuisance while you’re exploring. Watch out for the Commit No Nuisance sign on the Welsh Bridge as you’re passing.

The information that has been gathered and presented on the TTGs website is correct to the best of my knowledge, but I can’t guarantee its accuracy. Historical documents can be incomplete, inaccurate, or difficult to decipher. Even in well-preserved towns like Shrewsbury, there can be big differences between the modern map and the historical layout. If you use this information to plan your visit or take a tour around Shrewsbury’s past, then please be aware of these limitations and use the information wisely.

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