What are Affiliate Links?

Diagram showing what happens when you click on an affiliate link. It takes you to the other website. If you subscribe here then part of your money will be sent back to the TTGs website as a commission, but you still pay the same amount.
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What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links look just like any other link that you might click on, but they contain a special ID code that means the website you connect to will know where you came from so they can reward the sender. If you click on an affiliate link on the Time Travel Guides website then the site you visit will know that TTGs sent you there. You may see various affiliate links around this website, which will always be clearly marked with Affiliate when they are part of the text. Any adverts you see on this site will also contain affiliate links so TTGs will receive a commission if you buy anything after clicking on them.

How Do Affiliate Links Work?

If you click on an affiliate link then it will take you to another website. A cookie will also be placed on your device to remember how you reached that site. If you make a purchase (such as a genealogy subscription) from that website, then a small commission will be paid to Time Travel Guides. You will still pay the same amount as if you had accessed the website directly, so there is no cost to you if you click on an affiliate link.

Diagram showing that you pay the same amount whether you click on an affiliate link or go directly to the website. Some of what you spend will be given to the affiliate as a commission if you use an affiliate link.
How affiliate links work and what happens to your money when you buy directly or through an affiliate link. © Time Travel Guides 2021

Which Companies are Promoted on TTGs?

The companies that are promoted on this website have been carefully selected so that they are relevant to TTG’s content.

The affiliate links on TTGs are for:

  • FindMyPast Affiliate – a genealogy website that offers subscriptions or pay per view access to records. Some subscriptions also provide access to the British Newspaper Archive.

Why Click on Affiliate Links?

You can avoid clicking on affiliate links or refuse cookies if you don’t want TTGs to earn a commission, but if you are buying a genealogy website subscription then it will be very much appreciated if you use an affiliate link to do so. The earnings from these links can be used to improve the website, so it is a good way to support TTGs without spending more than you would if you bought the subscription directly.