Using the 1921 Census for Family and Local History

The 1921 Census is now available – find out how to access it and get some tips on using the 1921 Census for family and local history.

Oil on canvas painting showing Shrewsbury from the southwest. The town is surrounded by walls. The Quarry is an open space outside the walls where cattle graze and soldiers drill.

18th Century Shrewsbury Panoramas

Three panoramas of Shrewsbury from 1720 and 1732 show how the town changed in the early 18th century.

Family tree diagram. Height is the number of generations back. Width is the number of people in the top generation. Number in generation is 2 to the power of n, where n = the number of generations back.

How Big Is Your Family Tree?

Are family trees wide rather than long? How big is the paper you’ll need to draw your family tree?

How Do I Find My Local History?

Some useful resources for when you’re getting started with local history.

37. Great great great grandmother (odd numbers are female). Arrows lead to her father whose ID is 37x2=74, her mother whose ID is 37x2+1=75, and her child whose ID is 37/2=18 (ignoring the remainder).

Ahnentafel ID Numbers for Family Trees

How to use ahnentafel ID numbers to identify everyone in your family tree and why converting them to binary can make relationships clearer.

How to Record Your Family History

Ideas on how to record your family history: preserving your family’s story, keeping research organised, and sharing everything you’ve found.

How to Make a Family Tree for Free

Find out how to research your family tree for free. Make the most of free genealogy sites, free trials, and other resources.

How to Start a Family Tree

Gather the information you need to start your family tree and find out how it can lead you on to the next generation of your ancestors.

Which Genealogy Website Should I Use?

Advice on which genealogy website to use for your research. Compare free family history sites, Ancestry, and FindMyPast.

Text reading "Time Travel Guide to Shrewsbury" over a photo of Charles Darwin's statue by Shrewsbury Library.

Shrewsbury’s Time Travel Guide

Shrewsbury is the first location to get a time travel guide. The guide will focus on the town centre, within the loop of the River Severn.

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